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“True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart.” - Unknown

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Ostpreussen (1929)


Swallowed in the Sea || Mermaid AU


Staring at his wounds, she frowned and grabbed his arm.”Follow me.” She whispered before practically dragging him into her territory. Amelia wasn’t one to let someone injured go into the depths of the ocean… No matter how strange they seemed to look.

At first glance, this mer person looked like a monster but she knew he wasn’t! Not one of her species was a monster! Plus if she just left him there, he’d die from a shark attack. 

As she dragged him along, her brothers eyed the stranger and hissed at the stranger but she hissed back and protected him.

Follow her? Gilbert didn’t think he had much of a choice. Not when he was suddenly dragged from where he was trying to hide himself and back to the lightness. He tried to retract back but he had no forces, not when he had been two whole days without any kind of food.

As she dragged him, he could feel himself being eyed down and talked about. It was obvious they didn’t liked him but he couldn’t care less. He didn’t know this place nor he intended to stay there. He wanted to come back to his place, he would even hear a scold from his brother without complaining.

"Where are you taking me?" He managed to say, his voice quite harsh.

axerica whispered:

 “I have to kill you.”

plvsultra whispered:

“I don’t want to know you.”


Snarling, a fourth book was thrown, hitting Gilbert in the back when he bent down to get the other. “I demand to be let down from here. I’ll hurt myself if I jump down! And why are you so angry with me? All I did was tell you to clean the mess your pet made! You seem to be forgetting that fact.” He crossed his arms and glared down at him.

"Oh, Jesus Christ, Friderich!” He retorted to German, this cannot be good. He rolled his eyes, putting  the books on the centre table. “It’s not what you asked but how you said it. I don’t know if you noticed but you haven’t exactly anything to rule. I respect you because of the past, it doesn’t mean I am going to handle abuses right now.” He glared back.

"You can conquer Europe, you can get down from something that isn’t even two metres high."




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Swallowed in the Sea || Mermaid AU


Amelia was the exact image of that mermaid you always see on the ships. Long beautiful blonde hair, a curvaceous body, and a long flowing blue tail that followed behind her while she swam. She was beautiful, however the other females of her species matched her beauty and the mermaid did not particularly like that. 

After learning when she was younger that males out at see had a need for all of their female species, she tried her best to play with the humans as much as she could. Being craved and needed by these people, was intoxicating and she loved watching them try to get to her. Loving this feeling so much, she usually went by the ships that passed by her fathers territory to tease them.

However, today was a different day. It was early in the morning and as she saw a large ship with a long torn net by the end enter the edge of the territory. Swimming around the ship one time, she heard someone calling her and when she turned, she saw something terrible. One of her people, trapped and probably dying in that net. Changing her plans, she rushed over to the the merman who caught her attention and pulled him up to untangle his tail. Growling when it failed, she tried using her long nails to cut him off. That working surprisingly, she helped him free with a smile.

Gilbert had never seen another mermaid or merman that wasn’t the ones of his clan. Small wonder! None of them had ever left the darkness side of the ocean, where the light hardly reached. And the only time he dared to go more to the surface, that happened. As she got closer, to try to untangle him - only managing to get a bunch of a few more cuts on his body, he could notice how different she was.

First it was her colours, they were bright and it seemed to ask for attention. It somehow, was very defined where her ‘human’ half ended and where the fish one begins, different of Gilbert. His species were almost monstrous when compared to her.Human and fish tangled together to form some bizarre combination.

Finally, he was released and he was able to swim freely. Or as freely as a wounded tail allows you. He turned to the mermaid who just had saved him, cleaning his throat and murmured a low ‘Thank you’, while making sure he would fall more into the area lacking of illumination. 

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The sound of the door opening was too obvious, even on Gilbert’s sleep and he snapped his eyes open, ears hearing carefully what was happening and if he could recognize anything familiar, a voice perhaps? But nothing. He kept still on his bed, eyes closed. Whoever it was, he was going to wait until they were close enough so he could make them regret even thinking about getting in there.

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Swallowed in the Sea || Mermaid AU


It’s the year number one hundred sixty two after the Lord. 

The Navigation Era has reached its apiece and it’s not rare to see ships proudly cutting through the sea, as if their bodies, all made of wood, built to be guided by human hands, had much more use than that. However, the focus of this story is beyond the humans, it’s about creatures who live under the sea, too deep for humans too reach.

Half human, half fish, those creatures, usually called mermaids, were often seen as statues on the ships, always the same: blonde, curvy young women, that the main objective was to enchant the sailors to bring them down to the darkness of the turbulent waters of the open sea. 

Mermaids, were far away from being only ‘maids’, they are a big society, living under the water, with their own political system and territories. The male of the species, can be called merman, though that’s a denomination made up by humans.

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