·Mehr sein als scheinen·
“True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart.” - Unknown

Welcome to Germany, my name is Gilbert Beilschmidt. If you have any business with me be quick, I don't really have time to hear you.

(RP blog for the character of Axis Power Hetalia. You will have some NSFW content in here, specially bad words. None of the art in here belongs to me unless I say so. Previously yourawesomenesspreussen)



He truly didn’t mind. It was actually fun to hear Gilbert laughing like that of course. “It’s alright, it’s alright. There’s this whole box here, if you are brave enough.”


The box was right there from where they were getting the photos, some small photo albums in there and obviously not all of them were there, Ivan makes sure to hide a few ones he doesn’t want anyone looking, not even if he is dead. “Though it is not much interesting. You will probably see some disproportionate guy who looks high.”

Nodding and getting more air into his lungs, Gilbert leant forward to take some of the albums of the box and started to look through them. Obviously, there were times where he would laugh, because that’s just who he is, but at other times, he would just look longingly to the pictures before turning to the next one.

Even if he said nothing, he was glad that Ivan was willing to share with him such thing, after all, pictures are eternal moments and memories captured either by a painting or by a photo.

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"Oh my God, Gilbert, just laugh already."


Yes, it looked pretty funny and he knew that. He also knew he wasn’t a very photogenic person, his photos usually just showing his nose and his eyes looking really small, so there you go. Great for him that he had a great sense of humor.

"I would show more but I think you would die."

Good, good, God bless your sense of humour, Ivan, because he was already considering running away from there so he could laugh. And with the given permission he laughs, and boy, how much he laughs, he probably haven’t laughed this much since the day Ivan had made him picture the Russian walking around with a Saint Bernard. 

After a couple of seconds he is rubbing his eyes because he laughed so much there are little tears dropping from the corner of them. Cleaning his throat, he tries to make his voice sound better. “Hah—-oh my God, I am sorry about that.” No, he isn’t really sorry. “I—If you want to show more I will gladly look.”

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"What?" Laughs. "And this one is not that old. If you see a few other ones you will piss yourself."

He fumbles with a few pictures and pulls one that seemed a lot older, with a younger Ivan that looked to have a bigger nose. Much bigger nose.


Why Ivan was showing such things to Gilbert was still a mystery to him. Obviously, they’ve met a quite handful times on the past but at the time everyone looked a big strange so no one really gave a shit about it. However, now, it was different. 

He snorts at the picture and then coughs, trying to cover the laughter with a fist of coughs but it’s almost impossible. He is not saying anything, either way he will probably explode or something.

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Log and request recently (′・ω・`)

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"Hahahaha. Yes, sure."

"No, but really, is it you?"

"… yes." He smiled and nodded. "I was with my hair much longer there."

"Oh my —-!" He stared back at the picture for a while before cracking up a smile. "Look how awkward strange hmm cute you used to be.” 

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songofprussia replied to your post “Is this you?”

"Ooor I am calling you pretty. Who knows."

"Hahahaha. Yes, sure."

"No, but really, is it you?"

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No additional notes needed on this guy because he should be fairly recognizable. Drawing BGM is two different compositions of Ode to Joy! Peace | War One of my favourite themes in CIV V!
This kind of shading makes Gilbird on the head thing looks extremely wacky, but why not.

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i tried to make a kawaii comic

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budgie theme park
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"Yeah, but I think I will try to keep your method in mind.  It is really a dumb thing though.  It shouldn’t matter, too much stuff happens that’s out of our hands to determine whether we are a nation or not.  Not like this was chosen."

"The thing is, perhaps you can get mad? You, if you want, in the case, if you people want, they can go on and do something about it, make a change." Gilbert looked up with a slightly frown as if he was thinking about something unpleasant. And perhaps he was. "However, in my case, there’s not a single thing to do so why would I even bother?"

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"No, I wasn’t." Mariana sighs contemplating actually insulting him, or giving him a smart remark about expecting the worst out of her, but she manages to swallow her pride to keep the peace.  "I meant that, I wish I could laugh it off like you, but I’m dumb and let my emotions get out of control."

If she insults him for something so petty things are just going downhill from there, you know he is not her parent nor he has any ulterior motive to not be as rude with her. “To each their own.” He shrugs. “You have your way to deal with it, I have mine. You go for whatever is best or fit for you.”

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national zoo pygmy falcon.

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Anonymous ;  
What the fuck does "Do me a baby" mean?

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