Mehr sein als scheinen
“True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart.” - Unknown

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Ask my character the weirdest thing you can think of.


Submitted by: Anonymous

Ask my character the weirdest thing you can think of.


Submitted by: Anonymous

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"Well, Papa moved out, and you helped him by letting hum stay here for a long time. So, I wanted to thank you."

"I see. Well, I don’t think you have to thank me for everything and my instinct is to refuse the gift, but I suppose it would be too rude?"


"Yeah, people can be messed up sometimes. That’s why you have to keep the few good ones close." She chuckles. "So, I brought you and Emma a present."

"Well, I can understand a present for Emma but why one for me too?" He is very confused and you can see it on his face.

Anonymously tell me a problem you have with me.


He walked back inside not even trying to stifle his giggles. “I should probably take off before it gets much later. I need to feed the dogs before work.” 

"Probably." Gilbert replied, a little distracted as he made sure all of the dogs were inside. Once he had done it, he took a quick look on the watch. Wow. Well, nothing that some cups of coffee didn’t help him through.

"Are you feeling any better, thou?" Yes, the giggles were still scaring him a bit.


"Well most people have best HUMAN friends, friends and don’t realize how awesome birds are."

"And look how great  are all they with their ‘best human friends.” Can you see the sarcasm dripping from his words.

What is wrong with having my bird as my best friend?

I doubt you will still be able to laugh at that when he starts beeking your eyes out


No, I was talking to you.

Which might as well be interpreted as talking to yourself since I was not paying attention at all.


I’m the son of rage and love
The Jesus of Suburbia

I was looking through Russian Vogue and there was an editorial on Russian teens in the military.

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