Mehr sein als scheinen
“True strength is keeping everything together when everyone expects you to fall apart.” - Unknown

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My tumblr on desktop is super wonk and it is the only site that is like this ://

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listening to a song about a relationship and thinking I can’t relate to this at all

#but my otp can


my mother was like ’ you should get your internship. it’s going to be so good because you will gain knowledge.’ 

and i was ‘yeah, actually it will be good because i will get money.’ 


Today in History | August 29, 1756: Frederick the Great attacks Saxony, beginning the Seven Years War

The Prussians invaded Saxony on August 29th, 1756, marking the beginning of the Seven Years War of 1756-63. At his accession in 1740 Frederick the Great of Prussia launched a struggle with Austria for the mastery of Germany which was not settled for another hundred years. Highly intelligent and cultivated, he had the advantages of a large and efficient army, a well-filled treasury and a complete lack of scruple. The contest with the Habsburgs was sharpened by the fact that Frederick and Maria Theresa of Austria personally loathed each other. Prussia gained territory in the War of the Austrian Succession in the 1740s. The Seven Years War which would involve Prussia and Britain on one side against Austria, France, Spain, Sweden and Russia on the other began when Frederick invaded Saxony in 1756. Frederick knew that a formidable coalition of European powers had assembled against him and decided to attack first. Announcing that Maria Theresa’s hostile intentions had forced him into action despite his well-known love of peace, he led 58,000 men into Saxony, telling his sister Wilhelmina that he was off to pay a little visit to his fat neighbour, the Saxon Elector. On the face of it, Frederick was not invading, but merely passing through on the way to Bohemia, which was Habsburg territory, but the Prussians swiftly took Leipzig and Dresden, while Frederick’s sanctimonious talk about protecting Protestantism pleased his British allies, as it was meant to. The Saxon army took refuge on the heights of Pirna, near Dresden, where the Prussians settled down to starve them out. They were short of supplies and the Prussian commander wrote to Frederick on September 12th: ‘I hope to get them cheap in a few days’ time.’ {x}



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Easy German 20 - What is typical German to you? (Part 1)

A student team from Franz Hitze Haus asks people in Münster (Nordrhein-Westfalen) about what is typical German.


Daily dose of love quotes here

my friendships are based on explicit sappy and uncalled joke flirting, pretending that i hate your guts and tease the fuck out of you or people thinking we are a couple (even if aren’t on the flirting zone).


Bavarian German vs. German German (Easy German Pronunciation)

what is bavarian german

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